Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Goeeyist (and most boring) Post I Will Write in a While

Yesterday was ordinary. The night before I had gone out with a girlfriend for a little bit just so that I could wake up early.

I got up early so that I could grade finals, lots of finals. I made us brunch. I graded more finals and then we went to Office Depot. We have to buy a new printer and invitations so that I can make invites for an event I am having for a friend's campaign. Then we stopped by a former students house for his graduation BBQ (are you bored yet). We got home, and umm yeah (get the hint), then took a nap. I graded more finals. We played scrabble and watched Idiocracy and had dinner. We decided to try to find something to do (at this point it was around ten).

John called a few friends to see if anything as going on. One of the friends had been over for our dinner party last week and he told John that we changed his mind about marriage. Before, seeing his other friends, he didn't want to be married. He said that John and I "do it" right. I was very flattered.

Since nothing was gong on something to do turned into going to the Dairy Queen for Ice Cream and the video store for movies. We laid on the living room floor to watch Rear Window and I fell asleep before the end.

Yup, yesterday was very ordinary. Yesterday was perfect. :-)

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