Saturday, April 24, 2004


If you are going to do a remake of a song you better do it
a. as well
b. much better or
c. different from the original song.

There has been many a remake that has annoyed me, but for the most part musicians tend to stick with the above rules.
Then, there is Jessica Simpson. I can understand why she chose to redo Take My Breathe Away. It was the song that was playing when her and her husband kissed for the first time (yes I watch Newlyweds when I go to my mom's house). HOWEVER
Her rendition of the song is awful, it could kill small animals. She sounds like she doesn't have enough air, which I don't really get cause I really do think she can sing. And I don't get why there wasn't an intervention. Why didn't someone in the studio say, Jessica, baby you have a great set of pipes but not for this one. But NO. Not only did she ruin perfectly wonderful song but it is the kind of bastardization that people MUST play everywhere. So, when I venture to the grocery store and I hear those first airy "notes" I actually proceed to forget what I came there to buy, grab the essentials and leave. I shit you not, that is exactly what happened this morning. It is the direct cause of why I cannot have cafe con pan. Jessica Simpson scared me into forgetting to buy my margarine.

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