Monday, May 30, 2005

Do you suffer from foot and mouth disease?

We all do at some point.

So you may want to ask yourself

1. Am I talking just to fill a silence? Silence is more okay than most people think.

2. Does the person need to hear what I have to say? The appopriate word is need.

3. Do I really need to say what I want to say? Again, the appropriate word is need.

Because of the rule of threes I will stop now. There are some people who should write this shit on their hands and look at it often.

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Where are you from?

In about 48 hours I will have no clue how to answer that question, mostly because I already don't know. Cause here is the breakdown; till I was 8 I lived in Queens Village and spent every other weekend in Bushwick Brooklyn (where my mom's mom lived), till I was 17 I lived in Middletown New York, but went to school in Pine Bush, but spent Summers in Loisaida (where my dad's mom and tia lived). Pine Bush to me is a bit different from Middletown, though they are 20 minutes apart you can see where the suburbs end and rural begins. 17-21 I lived in Wellesley, Massachusetts, except when I was living in Cambridge for the Summers (2 summers on Memorial Drive and one in Central Square). Then I spent a year in East Somerville Massachusetts. DEEP BREATH

I moved to Manhattan (lived in the upper west side for 14 months and then to Loisaida for 20 months) but I would go upstate at least every three weekends UNLESS I am taking one of my bi-montly journeys to Tallahassee, Florida.

I can't pick which is home. They have all contributed. I am as much Hudson Valley as I am Loisaida. I loved living in Massachusetts because of how accesible nature was and I have hated how inaccesible nature is from Manhattan and now I go South.

I never ever thought I would move South but I want things that I can't get up North. Not anymore. I am kinda scared I have become a nomad and that in 3-5 years I will be itching to try someplace new. It would be easy to say that I don't know what I am looking for but I am not really looking for anything particular. There is no ONE thing I search for when I move somewhere. Just the experience as a whole.

It's strange to be sad to leave and excited to get there all at once.

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Monday, May 16, 2005

This articles goes in the "Shit I have known about for a long time" column. But since you may not know about it here it goes.
Thousands Secretly Sterilized

On another note look I'm featuring
click on this and scroll to the 24th

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Party People

If you did not receive the email(s) about my going away partay send me an email and I will forward it to you.

Much love

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Saturday, May 07, 2005


Lynne always freaks out when I hang out with a deadline for a 20 page paper hanging over my head. Today was a day like any other. I have a 20 page paper and a 15 page paper due on Monday so I went to Peter Dressel's to have photos taken.

There is something about being around the creative energy that really affects my academic work. After a night at Bar 13 I manage to come home and get whatever I need to get done, done. So after hangning out with Pete I managed to write 10 pages in three hours finishing off one of the papers.

You guys are so good for me on so many levels.

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Monday, May 02, 2005

"If the devil didn't know you were destined for greatness he wouldn't put so many things in your path"

When I take my place as queen of the universe I am sure all the shit I have gone through this semester won't seem so damn.....

there just really aren't words for it.

My weekend was all over the place. If God is testing me I am losing because I think I am losing faith or my faith is changing or something. Either way I am no Job.

On a funny note. The last three years my dirty little secret has been this. When very few people are at the law school I go over to the vending machines between the law school and SIPA and I get a bag of pork rinds. The ones in the vending machine are the BEST but I am so damn ashamed at how much I love them. I get a bag and I eat them in the hallway, crunching happily and hoping no one hears me.

Today is a pork rind day.

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