Sunday, January 21, 2007

I could give you a massive list of what I have been doing

But, u don't care -- so here is a short hodge podge of what I've been up to and if you want me to elaborate ask...

The new job is hard to describe and I'm not allowed to talk about what I do anyway. However, I do like my new co workers.

Southbeach is the most overrated overpriced place I have ever been and I am sure it is one of the most overrated overpriced places in the world. For what you spend on food/housing you could just go to a Caribbean island and not have to deal with a bunch of pushy rude people. On its plus side, I like the art galleries. The weekend was saved by spending time with John's nana and finding new art.

I have half of one room of our apartment completely decorated. We have been in this apartment 14 months. In my defense the half of the room I have decorated is the size of most regular rooms. I'm picky about what I look at -- I used to work in an art gallery and that made my pickiness worse.

I put some new art on my body yesterday. I'm very happy with it. Thank God! How much would it stink to get a tattoo you were luke warm about.

Children of Men was an INCREDIBLE movie. I short change it by writing about it this far down. Funny is that at the end I turned to John and said, that couldn't have been made by an American. The director came up and it wasn't made by an America. Strange is that the day before we saw the movie I jokingly suggested to John that we place a print of Guernica above our dining room table. Damn the movie was brilliant.

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