Saturday, February 17, 2007

My new life (and why I don't share a bed with my husband)

I never understood why people pretend the week begins on Sunday. Anyone that exist in a mildly grown up world knows the week begins Monday. For the past few weeks I've been trying to find a schedule that balances out my new life and gets everything done and here it is.

Most days I wake up at 6 and go to bed at 10:30. I try to get an ab/arm workout in every other morning and as often as possible I walk to or from work or both (1.5 miles each way).

I work at the courthouse Monday through Friday and I can't give details about what I do. In a nutshell, I help bring about the timely resolution of pro-se prisoner civil litigation.

Monday nights I prepare for class and/or meet with students. I get to cook dinner (which sadly has become a rarity) and I have to bring it upstairs to John since he teaches an online course Monday nights. Tuesday we go to Grandmas and I continue to prepare for class. What shocks me is that this is my third time teaching the topic, class last two hours, and it still takes 3 hours of preparation.

I have decided that when the semester ends I am taking on one or two research assistance. I need to revamp the course (per students request some of the Holocaust material is getting nixed and replaced with Yugoslavia material). Also, I really want to finish an article I began two years ago. I have a co-author (I hope Bukola hasn't given up on me) and I really need to send him two short papers I worked on.

That was a segway. Wednesday I teach. Thursday night has become date night and Friday night we are back at Grandmas. She has been in good spirits lately and we tend to go out to this Chinese Buffet. I think I've grown attached to John's grandma because at our roots we have a lot in common.

The past few weekends I've been wrapped up in a great book on the Nuremberg trials, I took a trip to see my central Florida family and I've been meaning to organize my tax documents. As my six month anniversary is approaching I HAVE TO finish writing my thank you notes. I think I am going to give out wallet size photos since I've been taking so long.

The only way I have managed all this is by hiring a cleaning lady (they are awesome and I'ld rather be teaching than cleaning) and by giving up on trying to sleep with a husband that has a severe snoring problem. Contextually, my father-in-law has had surgery for snoring and you can still hear him on the otherside of the house. Sometimes when I go to the bed in my office, I have to close either the bedroom door, the office door or both. I think we are better off with me getting a deep sleep without having to wake up every hour to poke him and him getting a deep sleep without being poked every hour. I start out in our bed, and Saturday mornings are spent cuddling in our bed, but I get my best sleep in my bed.

Recently, one of my dear friends was condemned for liking having a bed to herself though she is in a happy partnership. People who feel the need to question the dynamics of other's relationships need to shut up.

Life is about our fulfillment and experiences as individuals. We each live our own stories and sometimes our chapters have to be very different than other people's chapters. I am very happy with where my story is now. A mentor reminded me to stop and smell the roses. Right now, my life is filled with them.

"People who feel the need to question the dynamics of other's relationships need to shut up."

This should be like the quote of the week or something. I love it!
:-) and having friends like you is why I can cope with having people like them in my life. I love you. :-)
"In a nutshell, I help bring about the timely resolution of pro-se prisoner civil litigation."

Ha-ha!!! You do the opposite of what I do. I beat pro se inmate plaintiffs over the head with law that they either can't get a hold of or can't understand on behalf of municipalities, counties, and their employees.
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