Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Type A's

If you looked up Type A in the dictionary you would see a photo of me, my mom and John's mom. We are all so similar it is a little bit sad. Lately, because of finals, moving and bar exam stuff, I am in SUPER type A mode. I have insomnia and can't focus as much and it generally blows. I've forgotton my little tricks but here they are.

Tips on How To Calm Your Ass Down If you Are High Strung

1. The next time you go on vacation, use a new soap, wear a new cologne and take a bubble bath with a new type of bubble bath. When you get home DO NOT continue using these products. Then when you find yourself stressed break out your new soap, bubble bath etc. After just smelling it you will calm down soooooooo much because it will take you to that vacationy mood.

2. Have a relaxation drink (you an also develop this taste on vacation or you can just make sure when you drink this drink you stop EVERYTHING). DO NOT drink this drink while you are working, watching TV, or scocializing. When you are stressed break out your relaxation drink. Mine is Chai.

3. Have a meditation song. I've been listening to "Dust in the Wind" since I started law school. It's perfect for when I am overstressing the truly unimportant.

4. Yoga. I like the spiritual classes at Integral yoga (on 13th between 7th and 8th), a little chanting is involved.

5. If all else fails have a glass of wine, if that isn't working have a glass of wine in a bubble bath.

To give you a hint about where I am at. Today I broke out the vacation soap. I am rescheduled my day around a yoga class. After class I am going to have a chai. On the train I will listen to Dust in the Wind and on my way home I am picking up a bottle of wine.
If that doesn't get me through the night, I don't know what will.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What have we come to?

So today I had my annual, was kinda scared because of Mom's surgeries but all went well. That is not what this post is about

As we were wrapping up my appointment my Doctor reminded me about how I am nearing the end of my bone development stage and really need to make sure I get enough calcium. She then told me, "You have to go outside and get sunlight for 10-15 minutes a day" (as it helps your body make synthesize calcium).

Where have we come to as people when we need to be TOLD to go outside?

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Monday, April 18, 2005

God is good....

All the time.

Okay lately I hadn't been feeling that way but this weekend was glorious. It started Thursday with my last day of work.

Thursday night was the Lalsa 3L banquet.

Friday I had an amazing lunch with my mother at this restaurant in Midtown, Pobrecita isn't dealing well with me moving. She asked me if I was happy and I beemed yes over creme brulee and chocolate souffle. I know she meant something bigger than the dessert but who can't be happy with two desserts in front of them.

That night I saw Robeson. Even if Abena wasn't in the play it still would have been amazing. I loved how they portrayed different aspects of his life and how they intertwined. After Maria, Raj, me and some of Raj's friends got food at this Tex Mex dive that was run by a Chinese family. Not the best, but good enough for 11 pm and an empty stomache.

Saturday I got tons done, went up to school and ran into a street fair on the way back. I had a chocolate strawberry crepe and got 3 different pairs of earrings for $6. This black pair was so fierce I had to get an outfit to go with it. I restricted myself to a black skirt. When I got home, i was cleaning out my closet and I found a black top I thought I had lost. That is how awesome the weekend was. Saturday night was the hip hop show at Nuyo. Oscar was great and I did the Lower East Side piece better than ever which made me happy. Mara, Luis and Raymond Daniel were there and that made it even more lovely.

Sunday was the reading at Bowery. After, Rich, Oscar, Oscar's friend, Maria, Raj, Matt and I went to Gristedes for food and then we picniced. It was so great so so so great

Hanging out with friends definetly takes priority over studying right now. I want to squeeze ever drop out of New York that I can. This weekend just rocked. Kind of weekend that makes you believe that God is good again.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A Daily Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - from TBO.com

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

This is a rather interesting article but not for the baseline reasons. It is about videos challenging police officers accounts of what occurred during the RNC.

read here

In my genocide prevention class we have been discussing how camera phones and technology is enabling victims in the most remote areas to reach out to the world when violence begins occurring.

I really do feel like an old order is on its way out. As it exits it is grasping and clawing for air and getting incredibly violent.

In my most hopeful moments I know it is technology that is going to create a more peaceful world.

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Monday, April 11, 2005

This weekend was real

My weekend was more on the good side than on the bad side. But it was just all over the place. Friday afternoon I left the law school and headed down toward my neighborhood. Really the afternoon involved drinking at jigsaw (lemonade with raspberry vodka ranks as one of my new favorites). I was home by ten and after nights of terrible sleep feel into the most wonderful slumber. I got ten hours. Woke up and went rollerblading along the east river.

My advice on rollerblading along the East River- Don't do it. There are portions where the path is so narrow you barely get to move your feet side to side. If you can plug your nostrils it is great. The river was lovely, the sun was shining and the sky was blue. However, between the river's stank and car exhaust I don't think I will be doing it ever again.

An hour later I was back home. I ate lunch and then proceeded to take a three hour lounge. Part of it was spent sleeping but I don't know how much. I got up and did some work then went out for Filipino food. The company was pleasant and the food was delicious and then my ass was back at Jigsaw to find out that Ben Jones forgot to promote for the event. Which was cool cause a small group of us got to hang out and go to a Cajun place near my house that i never knew about for some wonderul dessert. Or it was suppose to be dessert then everyone besides me decided to order food. Which meant I got to eat some of Omar's nachos which shouldn't be called Nachos, they were a freaking meal with friend catfish and andouille sausage. We had a good time and spent a lot of the night laughing, laughing very very hard.

One of my Wellesley big sisters surprised me with a visit which prevented me from going to this party up near the law school. We had a good little chat into the early morning. It was weird that I was the one giving advice but sometimes our roles need to reverse.

Sunday was just a dissapointment across the board. My aunt surprised me with a visit, to get stuff out of my apartment. She was in a foul mood, yells to much and curses to much. She didn't used to be like that. I actually scolded her in a way. Told her that since she moved to Westchester she has changed for the worse. I am not used to being around that much negative energy and it was rather draining for me. It made me realize what positive forces all of my friends are even when we are in a bad mood.

Then I got shitty news in the most absurd way. My friend Eddie, who I mentioned before when I found out he was dying, well his mail comes to my house. As my aunt was going through her and Eddie's mail she said something like, "Ay pobrecito" and then proceeded to write DECEASED on all of his mail. Apparently he passed away while I was on spring break and she thought my father told me and my father thought she told me so NOBODY told me.

That is when I decided my plans to get a ton of work done at school just flew out the window. I laid around my apartment for a while and then headed to Jigsaw to use the internet. Before I got to jigsaw, right outside of my building were the cutest 7 week old puppies that I have seen in a long while. I know the owner so played with puppies for about a half hour. A big perk to my day. I continued to jigsaw, curled up on the couch and did some research.

I had a drink on an empty stomache which made me very sick. Then I found out that a fucked up situation with someone I dearly loved did not play out how it should. He was one of the calls in the middle of the night last week, his voicemail left to me was awful and I left him a voicemail in reply saying how hurt/dissapointed I was and basically saying I wanted an apology. I found out his response was to delete my number from his cellphone. It hurts, more than I thought.

This morning I woke up not so sick but my heart kinda hurts. I feel like I lost two loved ones this weekend. It was such a rollercoaster. I had such a simple good time with folks I have grown to care for and at the same time....

Love your friends, treat them right...That's all I can say

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Follow up: since writing that one of my profs has gotten back to me

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What have I got?

Yesterday was my graduation kick off; an event that involved a lot of excellent cheeses, some appetizers and a healthy amount of wine. It has made me reflective of what I have received.

90% of my law school experience has been utterly disatisfying.

This weekend I emailed two professors with academic questions; neither have responded. Do I have to hunt them down in order to figure out how to progress with my papers?

The average debt of an outgoing Columbia law Student exceeds 90K. When thinking of that as an average realize that I know several people who have either taken out NO loans or have taken out well below that. Like every other aspect of my life, in my education debt, I am well above average. ;-)

The Graduation ball tickets are $105/ per person. I am don't really want to go. This makes certain people unhappy. They tell me that this is the last time I will be seeing some of these people. And really. I'm fine with that. I am not boo hooing over being able to get a good chunk of these people away from my aura. The ones that I will miss, I promise, regardless of where we live we will have nights were the fun WELL exceeds that party.

Half of my professors sucked ass. Really. A quarter were okay. And a quarter were just amazing to know AND good teachers (though they didn't necessarily teach me the law).

I feel like I've paid for a name and a chance to live in Manhattan for three years. That part was worth it. The recognition of the name will pay off. Meeting John here was well worth the financial expenditure.

I got my money's worth, but I didn't get what I thought I would.

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Monday, April 04, 2005

Anxiety attack begins when I find out that my papers are due two weeks before I thought they were due, the day after I get back from my april visit to Florida.

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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Drunken Phone Calls

Is there something in the Y chromosome that makes drunken phone calls seem like a good idea?

Three nights in a row and I have gotten three drunken phone calls, only one of which was from John. Now John is really the only person whose drunken voice I want to hear. There was a time that that wasn't true. I remember his first drunken phone call. I pretended like it pissed me off but it really didn't; what pissed me off was how happy it made me. It was a very sweet phone call.

The last two nights I have gotten drunken phone calls that have not made me happy. Unless I am related, have ever lived with you or am betrothed to you, or unless you are in jail or the hospital you should not be calling me late at night. Ever.

Does anyone have any GOOD drunken phone call stories? Or if not good do you have any damn funny ones?

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