Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Comic

I have followed For Better of For Worse for years. Certain events in the characters lives have actually mirrored events in my own (ie April coming along out of nowhere and being about eleven years younger than Elizabeth like Dianna and me; their dog died when my dog died; I could go on).

Michael is a writer. And, as silly as it seems, my heart is in my throat that Michael doesn't go through an artist worst nightmare. Click here

(If you don't know Michael has two kids under four--so there is something more important than his manuscript). Either way, I've decided to move my journals into the bedroom. They're already stored in one handy bag, on handy heavy bag.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

yuck yuck yuck

read this article.

my opinion--when people who are married for YEARS get separated they both deteriorate rapidly. I can empathize with the fact that elder care is very difficult BUT unless he was abusing her I think there had to be a better way for the state to handle it than putting her in a home. Maybe a rotational nurse that goes amongst families that are attempting to provided the best care possible. ie one full time nurse visiting three families three times per day has to be cheaper than having three peoples in state run and paid for facilities. and yes those three may not get the best care at home but you really have to factor in the love they get from their family that cannot be replicated by a paid person (and I know not all families give the love but i strongly think this guy was). flat out, 50 years from now someone tries to take me from john they best put me on suicide watch.

what is your opinion?

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The Joneses are stupid
I don't get people who are very into "stuff". It perplexes me when someone who can complain that they are having problems making their ends meet can buy and/or lease a ridiculously expensive car when something a lot cheaper and practical will meet their needs. I don't get people who are hooked on a designer cause of the designer. I do understand generally liking what a designer does (I have always loved Steve Madden boots), it's like liking an artist. However, I think most people buy the name to have the name. AND THEN these same people will bitch about how they can't get ahead in the world. I think I'm just gonna hand out
copies of Rich Dad/ Poor Dad for Christmas.

Academic Pay/ Getting a Cleaning Lady
I've always been more into experiences than "things". Right now Iove the experience of teaching. This semester I actually got a thank you note from a student who I taught last semester. :-) The other day I made a big mistake and calculated how much my hourly pay is from my adjunct position. Sad. Now, I am planning my budget for the next few months and I have realized with our new work schedule John and I will need a cleaning lady. I just don't want to waste our bits of free time cleaning our place (which is rather large). Looking for a cleaning lady I have realized that practically all of my teaching pay will be going to the cleaning lady.
I'm still going for it. I don't teach for the pay. My skills are better used teaching than cleaning
my toilets AND I'll be keeping the economy running.
On a cultural note, there is a middle class girl that is cringing inside of me over the idea of having someone a) in my house when I am not here and b) cleaning my skivvies. I've decided to do my own laundry and to put a lock on my office door (though I can just lock things in my file cabinet).

My engagement ring was also John's mother's engagement ring. I plan on giving it to my son (or Lord please let me love the girl he chooses). I bought the earrings I wore on my wedding day and they are gorgeous. If I have a daughter I plan on giving them to her. Currently I have neither son nor daughter but I do have that ring and those earrings. Problem, I'm terribley afraid to wear the earrings because I am scared of losing one and not having them to give to my daughter. Would you wear them if you were in my position?

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Thursday, December 14, 2006


starting Jan 8th, for the first time in ten years, i will have a full time job where i have to report to an office and work a set schedule

i am not giving up the night teaching gig either

pray for me

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Saturday, December 09, 2006

It's a matter of faith.

So, not many people know this, or maybe they do, I am a very spiritual devout Christian. I read Scripture daily and pray often and do my best to incorporate Christ teachings into my everyday life. I am having an insane amount of trouble finding a Church.

Oh yeah, I'm also a Buddhist, and I also follow an African Philosophy. Either way. Lots of Christians would think I am an "awful" Christian. I think most of those Christians are not only awful Christians but bad people.

I stumbled across something surfing the web and I think maybe I should start calling myself a "Christ-Follower"

Watch these

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

First, Happy 30th Birthday to the most wonderful husband ever!!!

Second, what do you do with a writing project that has gotten to the point where it scares you?

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